Cute Puppy

How to Play Cute Puppy

Use your mouse to play the Cute Puppy game!

Cute puppy is a lovely, style dog design game. Here you can choose the kind, style, and appearance of your favorite puppies. Then according to your personal preferences, you can design the presentation of puppies, match food, and other operations. Let the puppy become a cuter and more popular puppy under your care.

Cute puppy’s game content

In Cute puppy, before the game is officially playing, you can choose a favorite puppy according to your preferences, and then give it all kinds of protection. For example, starting with flea removal, let it not be harmed by flea itching; Then you can bath it, deal with the wound, make it clean, and have a place to live. You can also match his clothes and choose healthy food for him to get the best care.

Cute puppy’s game features

The adorable puppy can be said to be a simulated dog game. You can start the cloud dog service here and take care of the dog in all aspects. Of course, you can also do DIY for the puppies you want here, from appearance to tail, you can set it according to your preferences. If you also like puppies, Cute puppy is the best choice.

If you like puppies, Cute puppy, a cloud dog, can let you experience the happiness of owning a dog. Choose a dog you like, and then take care of and dress it up in various ways to make it really what you want and what you want to develop, whether it’s from the colour of hair or food.

If you want to experience the game of entering the gate, black and white, which emphasizes double cooperation, can make you feel challenged and excited at the same time. When you go through the customs, only the corresponding colour can jump on the relevant area, of course, you can also hop on the other side to help you pass the customs. Similar to the snake-eating 2, it is a field that emphasizes mobile expansion. Attention must be paid to prevent bumping into opponents’ areas and obstacles.

Lemonade stand can let you experience the happiness of simulated operation. Deliberately design drinks, and then set the price according to the weather of daily stalls. Each day’s sales volume and harvest will have a final subtotal, and you can design the recipe for the next day based on this. Or choose to cook mama, experience the feeling of being a chef online, and make different flavours of food for various guests to make them happy. At the same time, you can also get satisfaction and learn to unlock more delicious food.